Added a location for public files such as movies, pictures, and documents on the G35 Coupe.









Bulbs Changed



Changed the clearance lights to match the parking lights. Also changed the 2 rear lights that light up the License Plate. I used Sylvania's 194NA (orange bulb) for the 2 bulbs in the clearance housings and Auto America's Super Bright 194 (very white not yellow) lights in the 2 light housings just above the license plate.



Sylvania - Picture of G35 with parking lights on






Pedal to Metal



Ordered the Drilled Aluminum Pedals to replace the stock rubber ones. Install was simple. I just don’t understand why they didn't come stock on the G35 coupe. I have a whole list of "why didn't it come with..". Now my Puma's get stuck in the holes.



Drilled Aluminum Pedals - Install Instructions






Need Projection!



After seeing the Projector lights on Infiniti's new FX35/45, I said to myself, "I got to have that!". Well this Mod would cost too much and would be a very difficult install in the G35 coupe's reflector light style housing so I decided for a way to satisfy my need while keeping the cost/install to a minimal. Projector Fog lights! I ordered some Optilux 1100 Projector style Fog Lights by Hella and installed them in the 2 lower air dams just behind the crosshatch. These lights have a very nice cut off line. You can get them in either Amber or white color. I chose white figuring it would be a bit brighter. They are still kind of yellow (reminds me of the stock H4's) but I will change out the bulbs for whiter ones at some point.



Optilux - Hella - Picture of G35 with Fog Lights on






Tired of Red and White Lights



Picked up a 4 pack of blue LED lights a Cartoys and made some changes. First I removed the bulb that's located under each door and replaced them with the new color by soldering the wires to the contacts. Then I pulled the plastic piece that has the clock in it and replaced the red alarm light with the new and much brighter blue LED. Fun!









Turn Signal Mod



Did some splicing to the side marker lights so they no longer act as just a parking light, but actual blink when you turn on the blinker.



How To






More Air Please



Istalled Stillen's High Flow Air Box and replaced my stock air intake duct with the OEM intake duct for the 350Z. The combination of these 2 things is really worth it! Man you can definitely hear the roar from the engine now and after an ECU reset, this baby moves. I recommend doing an ECU reset after the install. Before I did the reset, the car would start roaring around 5k RPM's. After the reset it sounds like its always roaring (at full throttle) but gets louder as the RPM's rise.



Stillen - 350Z duct






Sound Sysem Upgraded!



Whew what a job! This was a very tough install. The hardest part though was probably removing the stock 6 X 9's in the rear deck. I left the stock grills in place and ended up mounting the new 6 X 9's in the trunk up against the hole instead of from the rear deck sitting in the hole. Replaced the door speakers as well. As for the POS amp, it's trashed. The only good thing about getting the Boss Stereo (that I can think of) is that it comes with an amp mounted in the trunk which allowed for an easy swap out. I did run a new power cable. This was tough as well. I made a hole in the rubber boot that the other wires run through under the drivers side, ran a metal rod through, and attached the wire from the other side. After some lube was applied to the wire, I pulled away!
Subwoofer - 1 Infinity 12 inch, dual voice coil, model 1230W reference series.
Door Speakers - 2 full range 6.5's and 2 tweeters. Rockford Fosgate Fanaticp Component System model FNP2614.
Rear Deck Speakers - 2 2way 6 X 9's by Rockford Fosgate model FRC3269
Amplifier - Rockford Fosgate 65 W X 4 @ 4 Ohms RMS or 125 W X 4 @ 2 Ohms RMS model 500x
Crossovers - 2 3-way crossovers attached to rear channels. (had these baby’s a long time)



Infinity - Rockford Fosgate - Wiring Diagram for G35 Coupes with Bose Pkg.






Piaa's installed (fog light/high beam)



Finally got my Piaa's! I ordered the Super Plasma GT-X H4 model # H-277E. The install of these lights was A BIOTCH! I can now remove my H4's without removing the tire though. I would highly recommend removing the tire before installing any lights in this location if it's your 1st time. As for the lights, I think they are a very close match to my D2R's (driving lights). They look purple against the reflective lens housing but only when the lights are off.



Piaa's website






LoJack installed



Guy came out to install LoJack system. This was funny because he was very sneaky and did not want me to know the location of the device he installed.



LoJack's website