Pin Color Discription
a, b Black/Yellow Stripe - Green/Yellow Stripe left middle speaker
c, d Black/Silver - Brown/Silver  right middle speaker
e, f Red/Silver - Grey/Silver left 6.5" and 1" door speakers (wire splits in door)
g, h Yellow/Silver - Grey/Silver right 6.5" and 1" door speakers (wire splits in door)
i, j Pink - Blue right rear stereo output
k, l Purple - Violet left rear stereo output
m, n White/Blue Stripe - Orange/Blue Stripe right front stereo output
o, p Orange - White left front stereo output
q Light Blue/Silver +12 volts when ignition on (remote on)
Pin Color Discription
1 Yellow/Red Stripe +12 volts (always hot)
2, 5 White/Blue Stripe - White/Yellow Stripe left rear speaker
3, 6 Blue/White Stripe - Blue/Red Stripe right rear speaker
4   -12 volts